Gold and Silver E-Juice

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A favourite with lovers of all things smoke, this fantastically well created I love Gold & Silver E-Liquid is the perfect solution for those that still crave a traditional cigarette.

This E-Liquid Juice is the perfect tar free smokers solution, and, with a greatly reduced chemical mix, our Gold & Silver flavour E-Liquid Juice offers you all of the feeling and less of the negative health impact.

The development team at I Love Vapour only choose flavours that are as close as possible to the natural flavour. The vapour is full bodied and the flavour/vapour combination is a satisfying solution for those who like a full-bodied more high impact vapour experience.

  • The smokers E-liquid choice
  • A healthier alternative
  • A satisfying smoke
  • Not a million miles off a well know cigarette brand
  • Give me a B
  • Nice Hedge