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Full On Flavour - ILV Taste Evolution

Because I Love Vapour work in close partnership with the world's leading vapour liquid manufacturers, we have developed an unrivalled range of unique and critically acclaimed e-cigarette liquids to suit all tastes.

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Switch & Triumph

10 million smokers exist in the UK today and 70% of them would like to quit at any given time. If you are a smoker, let us help you make a positive change. Why not try and see if you can kick traditional cigarettes forever the I Love Vapour way?

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Stop, Shop and Hug

If you have been a traditional smoker then shop bought e-cigarettes can prove to be a rather unsatisfying experience.

Many smokers have specific taste and nicotine intensity levels that they prefer, and by using a random commercial vape product you are unlikely to hit the mark as regards vape satisfaction.

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Vaping, smoking, and giving up life's little comforts

Who would have thought it, Facebook, once a place to stalk an ex or ‘Poke’ (without the mess or health implications) in now an oracle of information and current affairs ;-) After scrolling through hard hitting articles such as ‘How to get an ex and ‘The quickest way to get abs’ I was pleasantly surprised to come across this entertaining blog. A smoker myself for 15 years, I found myself reminiscing and asking the question; what comfort have I substituted for smoking?!

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Vape deals Luton Store

This Stoptober stock up on your favourite tasting e liquid with our promotional Vape Deals on selected E Liquid, in our Luton Store only. Don’t miss out on this LIMITED OFFER. Only available while stocks last! This months offer is A FRUIT BLAST!!!!!! The Fruity Three, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!!

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Cigarette companies told to admit deception

Major tobacco cigarette companies that spent decades denying they lied to the U.S. public about the dangers of cigarettes must spend their own money on a public advertising campaign saying they did lie, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

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