Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Vaping Kit

by voopoo
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As one of the leading manufacturers in the vaping industry, you knew it wouldn't be long before Voopoo released a pod system. The Voopoo Drag Nano is finally here, and it's safe to say that it's everything we hoped it would be. The Drag Nano is sleek and stylish with its beautiful resin panels, and the device is so tiny that you can wear it around your neck.

The New Voopoo Gene Pod Chip

Voopoo's Gene chipset is deservedly famous in the vaping community, and the Drag Nano features a miniaturized version of the popular chipset. Are you sick of pod vaping devices that take forever to heat up and never seem to produce a satisfying amount of vapour? You won't experience that with the Voopoo Drag Nano. The Gene Pod chip features Voopoo's new Cold Boot feature. The Gene Pod chip automatically detects when your coil is cold and gives it a burst of extra power for lightning-fast vapour production.

Built-in Timer Prevents Burned Coils

Have you ever burned a coil out because you started vaping too soon after filling a pod? With the Voopoo Drag Nano, that'll never happen. To fill the pod, lift it out of the device and remove the mouthpiece. Add e-liquid through the side filling hole and replace the pod. Watch the indicator light on the side of the Voopoo Drag Nano. After five minutes, the light flashes to notify you that the pod is ready to use.
Replacement pods can be for here VOOPOO POD-S1 DRAG NANO REPLACEMENT PODS
This kit contains:
1 x Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Device1 x Pod S1 (1.8ohm)1x User Manual 1x USB Cable1 x Gene Chip Card
7 Beautiful Colours
The Drag Nano Pod also comes in 7 beautiful colour of eye-catching set-resin so be sure to choose the perfect one for you!