Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

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You're looking for the RTA that can provide the ultimate in coil building pleasure, and you've found it right here with the Kylin RTA by Vandy Vape. Affordable and flexible, the Kylin RTA can support both single-coil and dual-coil builds without breaking a sweat.

New Design Solves the RTA Airflow Problem

If you've tried an RTA in the past, you know that most RTAs suffer from the same problem. They give you the space to build larger coils, and they give you some e-liquid storage, so you don't have to add e-liquid constantly. What an RTA doesn't give you, though, is the airflow and vapour production of an RDA. Until now, using an RTA has always meant that you'd need to settle for reduced vapour production. 

The Kylin RTA solves the airflow problem with an amazing vent design that draws air in through enormous channels at the bottom of the RTA and splits the airflow four ways. The four-way airflow directs air over all sides of your coils to deliver amazing vapour production that no other RTA can match.

Easy Coil Building Process

It's so easy to build coils with the Vandy Vape Kylin. The RTA has four large mounting holes that accommodate most wire gauges. Simply drop your coil leads into the holes and tighten the side-mounted grub screws. No need to hold your coils in place while you tighten them down!


  • A Plethora of airflow holes, side and bottom, to direct air centrally at the coil for excellent flavour
  • Available for use in both single and dual coil
  • Includes 6ml Chimney and Pyrex Glass
  • Utilizes Popular Wide Bore Drip Tip
kylin rta

Main Features

1.Easy to build

kylin rta

2. Plenty of air holes in the bottom and side directly blow to the coil, excellent flavour;

kylin rta

3.Available for single coil

kylin rta

4.Available for dual coil

kylin rta

How to easily take off the glass tube from the Kylin RTA?

kylin rtakylin rta


Length: 48mm&36mm

Base diameter: 24mm

Outside diameter: 26mm

Capacity: 6ml&2ml

kit Contents

1*Kylin RTA

1*14mm Drip tip


1*6ml Pyrex glass

1*Accessory bag

1*17.5mm wide-bore Delrin drip tip

kylin rta


kylin rta