• Lemon E-Juice
  • Lemon E-Juice
  • Lemon E-Juice
  • Lemon E-Juice
  • Lemon E-Juice
  • Lemon E-Juice
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Lemon E-Juice

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Tart, zesty, alive. Try I Love Lemon E-Liquid and create a citrus vapour explosion.  This zingy and slightly bitter vapour can enliven mind, body, and soul.

The development team at I Love Vapour only choose flavours that are as close to the natural fruit as possible, The clean lemon hit appeals to Vapers that enjoy a pick-me-up in this high-octane world.

Choose from 5 different strengths, 0ml Nicotine, 6ml Nicotine, 12ml Nicotine, 18ml Nicotine or 24ml Nicotine.

If you enjoy I Love Lemon, then you will love our I Love Pineapple flavour, and if you want your lemon juice to have even more kick then try our Double Lemon deluxe flavour. Available in 3 different strengths 0ml Nicotine, 16ml Nicotine or 24ml Nicotine

It is a citrus tangy hit unlike any other.

  • A zesty fest
  • A citrus hit
  • Juicy madness
Tags: Fruits, Sale
Vendor: I Love Vapour

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