Eleaf ITAP Pod Vape Kit

by eleaf
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An incredibly affordable pod vaping system for all types of vapers, the ELeaf iTap uses two different coil designs to allow you to switch seamlessly between a flavour-forward mouth-to-lung vaping style and a direct-to-lung vaping style for enhanced cloud production. Simply swap coils, and the device automatically reconfigures itself for the new coil that you've installed.

The Most User-Friendly Pod Vaping System

The ELeaf iTap has two different coils available. To install a new coil, simply lift the plastic pod from the top of the device and twist the old coil out of the pod. Twist in the new coil and wait five minutes for the wick to saturate. 

The two iTap coils are:

  • 0.75-ohm kanthal coil for restricted direct-to-lung inhaling
  • 1.6-ohm stainless steel coil for mouth-to-lung inhaling

Superb Vaping Experience

The ELeaf iTap has a couple of unique tricks up its sleeve. The first is an airflow collar located on the underside of the pod. Twist the collar to adjust the amount of air that enters the device and achieve your preferred airflow resistance. 

The second trick is automatic temperature limiting that can prevent you from experiencing a dry hit when you're using the 1.6-ohm stainless steel coil. Have you forgotten to keep your pod full? No problem; the ELeaf iTap automatically detects the temperature increase from the dry coil and lowers its output power to prevent a dry hit from occurring.

ELeaf iTap: Specifications

Size: 20.0*16.0*102.3mm
Weight: 42.7g
liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Output wattage: 30W max
Resistance range: 0.4Ω-3.0Ω
Colours: Blue, Silver, Black