Apek Starter Kit

by tecc
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Are you a beginning vaper? Maybe you're thinking about making the switch for the first time? You've just found the ultimate beginner's vape pen. The Apek e-cigarette is designed with you in mind, and it's so simple to use that you may never want anything else.

Pure, Simple Vaping for Beginners

If you're looking for a vape pen that makes the switch to vaping simple and fun, you will not find a better option than the TECC Apek e-cigarette. For starters, there's no need to charge the battery before vaping because the battery works while charging. Simply connect the battery to a USB port, fill the tank and vape! When the battery is finished charging, disconnect it from the charger and continue vaping. With a capacity of 650 mAh, there's no need to worry about the battery dying during those long days at work.

Speaking of simplicity, you'll love the simple top filling mechanism of the Apek e-cigarette tank. To fill the tank, simply unscrew the tank's mouthpiece and top hardware. Opening the tank reveals the inner reservoir. Position the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle toward the side of the tank, being careful to avoid getting e-liquid in the centre air hole. Fill the tank, replace the mouthpiece and vape -- it's that easy! After filling the tank for the first time, wait five minutes for the wick to become saturated with e-liquid before vaping. 

 Apek coils can be found here HC replacement coils 

What’s In The Box

Kit contents


  • Battery capacity - 650mAh
  • Tank capacity - 1.3ml
  • Atomizer resistance - 1.6ohm
  • Assembled weight etc. packaging (approx) - 41g


Product Features

Easy to Use Battery

The TECC Apek e-cig battery should keep you vaping most of the day. With no settings to adjust, the Apek can still be vaped whilst on charge thanks to the onboard USB port.

Top Filled Tank

Filling up whilst on the go is incredibly easy with the TECC Apek, simply unscrew the top. The airflow is set to provide a more comfortable vaping experience that closely resembles the sensation of smoking.