One of the primary reasons our coils enhance your eliquids flavour and vapour is our American lab-tested organic cotton. We test for 176 chemicals typically found in various types of cottons. Chemicals and toxins that when mixed with liquids and heated to create vapor have the potential to create toxins harmful to your health. Our cotton is so pure it actually enhances the flavour of your eliquids creating great clouds of super enriched flavored vapour not to be found in any other coil. As an American Company, we believe in value, honesty and in delivering to our customers the best possible solutions to their vaping needs. We have a passion and verified quality checks to maintain the highest standards for the materials we use. Our coils are packed full of 100% American lab tested Organic Cotton that’s specially blended to optimize your vaping experience
We took seven months testing various types of cotton from many different countries; in fact an interesting thing we learned along the way is that Japan’s 2014 organic cotton yield was less than four tons; that’s not enough cotton to make very many shirts, shorts or undergarments. In fact, Japan actually imports its cotton needs from 23 different countries, China being their largest supplier of “organic” and traditional cotton. Buyer beware!
We ended up partnering with a large organic grower with extensive knowledge of various types of cotton fibres to determine what would work best in our High Performance Coil applications. After lots of testing and thousands of samples, we zeroed in on the right combination of fibres for the perfect reservoir and inner coil pre-wick wrap for optimal saturation without flooding or burnt tastes when primed correctly. Furthermore, our natural organic cotton is thick enough in its fibrous make up and capillary action to handle moderate to high levels of power, varying viscosities of eliquids and even works excellent in sub ohm environments when coupled with our Adaptive Coil Technology changes and modifications.
Consider the coils you buy from us as carefully thought through, performance enhanced, naturally aspirated organic works of art. The coil is truly the “heartbeat” of any tank, from starters, intermediates to extreme vape enthusiasts, everyone deserves nothing but the best in flavour delivery which our verified organic cotton provides. To read the 8 page analytical purity report, click the tab to the right. VaporWerxUSA is the only vapour products manufacturer to have purity testing done on an on-going basis and to proudly display the results for your reference.

Happy Vaping!